1.  Weigh yourself every morning at the same time with the same amount of clothes on and before you eat or drink anything. Keep track of the readings on the sheets I gave you. Use the same scale each day.

    2.  Learn what your “dry weight” is, which is what you weigh without any extra water (fluid). Your goal is to keep your weight within 4 pounds of your dry weight.

    3.  If you gain more than 2 pounds in one day (24 hours)
    If you gain more than 4 pounds in five (5) days
    If you have swelling in legs, feet, or ankles, or you feel short of breath, then:

    Take an extra LASIX (fluid pill) that morning in addition to the usual dose of fluid pill that you normally take.
    For example, if you usually take one (1) fluid pill every morning, then when the weight goes up, you will take TWO (2) fluid pills that morning.

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