photo taken on Duck Springs Road in Collinsville, AL

    Welcome to Wills Valley Family Medicine. We are located in beautiful Collinsville, Alabama, which is nestled in the Northeast part of the state, near DeSoto State Park and Little River Canyon.

    Our goal is to provide high-quality health care in a warm, friendly atmosphere to those in our community and the surrounding area. We strive to provide education and resources for everyone who chooses Wills Valley Family Medicine. Our passion is helping people feel their best and achieving a high quality of life. It is our belief that the physician and patient should work together in order to reach their goals. We feel strongly that we should not dictate how you reach your healthiest potential, but should be a resource to help empower you to make that possible.

    It is also our mission to take part fully in the overall health of Collinsville. We support the arts, local businesses and volunteer organizations.  We are passionate about promoting community farms, locally grown food, organic and sustainable gardening, farming and agriculture. In a time of economic stress, we understand this support will promote growth and increased economic development. This includes supporting restaurants, grocery stores and farm stands that provide healthy food choices, like locally grown and organic foods that line up with our nutritional guidelines.

            We feel health encompasses the mind, body and spirit. Food, exercise, access to the arts, clean air and water are all part of a healthy lifestyle. At Wills Valley Family Medicine, we feel strongly that everyone should have access to these basic building blocks of a healthy and happy life. We welcome all who want to join in our efforts.

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    We Make House Calls!

    The ol’fashioned way, for people who cannot get to a doctor’s office. In and around Collinsville and South Fort Payne.

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    No Health Insurance?

    OR has your health care become unaffordable? Learn more about Direct Primary Care. Valley Care DPC may be a solution to your health care needs.

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