HYPOGLYCEMIA (Low Blood Sugar)

    1. Check your blood sugar if you feel weak, dizzy, shaky, sweaty, or irritable.

    2.  If your blood sugar is below 60, then:

    •  Drink half a glass of fruit juice (orange, grape, apple, etc.)
    • Take 15 grams of glucose tablets (usually 3 glucose tabs). These glucose tablets are sugar tablets and can be bought at most pharmacies.
    • If you don’t have any of this with you, eat anything you have around you that has sugar (1 spoon of pure sugar, half of a chocolate bar, 2-3 pieces of hard candy, 15-20 M&M’s or jelly beans, etc.)

      3.  Wait 15 minutes.

      4.  Recheck your blood sugar.

      5.  Repeat process until your blood sugar is above 70.

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