Dr. Koe

Dr. Frances H. Koe, M.D.

Dr. Koe is a licensed family physician. She attended the University of Alabama School of Medicine, and graduated from Tuscaloosa Family Medicine residency in 2007. Dr. Koe’s goals as a physician are to be available to the community, teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and to be available for all general health care. She does house calls for the elderly when the need arises. Being a family practioner she treats patients from newborns to the end of life. Dr. Koe DOES referrals to any specialist, and also has services available like pap smears and minor surgical procedures.  A trademark for the type of care she gives would be the least invasive and most natural treatment available. Her competent staff has on hand several varieties of exercises for the treatment of strains and she often suggest herbs for SOME health issues. Dr. Koe does not prescribe narcotics or any other controlled substance without seeing the patient first. These include pain, anxiety, and sleep medications.